Thursday, December 17, 2015

Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Will

In a world stuck in old paradigms, it is becoming more and more necessary to access a right-brain space where something new can emerge: an opening of mind, heart, and will that suspends judgment and assumptions.

* open mind - curiosity vs. judgment
* open heart - compassion vs. cynicism
* open will - relaxing into the unknown vs. fear

Otto Scharmer has shown a parallel with seven sacred teachings from an aboriginal community humility, honesty, truth, respect, love, bravery, courage:
  • humility, honesty, and truth deal with opening the mind (curiosity vs. judgment),
  • respect and love deal with opening the heart (compassion vs. cynicism), and
  • bravery/courage deals with opening the will (relaxing into the unknown vs. fear).