Sunday, January 3, 2016

Parts Party

From Virginia Satir (Your Many Faces), based on an exercise in John Bradshaw's Healing the Shame that Binds You, take a deep breath, relax, and imagine this happening as you read:

Close your eyes. . . Spend two or three minutes becoming mindful of your breathing. Relax. As you breathe deeply in and out, relaxing more and more, notice a screen in front of you and the number seven appearing on the screen. If you can’t see it clearly, hear a voice saying “seven” or picture yourself finger painting it. Then see, hear, or finger paint the number six; then five; then four, down to the number one. As you focus on the number one, let it slowly turn into a stage door and see it slowly open. Walk through the stage door into a small theater. Notice the walls and the stage. Look at the closed curtain. Sit down in a front row seat and feel the fabric of the seat. Make it your favorite fabric. Make the chair comfortable. Look around again and make this theater be any way you want it to be. 

Then see the curtain beginning to open. Let yourself feel excitement. As the curtain opens see a large sign covering the wall of the stage. It reads The [your name] Parts Review. Think of some part of yourself you really like. Imagine a famous person or someone you know well who represents that part and see that person walking out on the stage. Hear applause. Repeat the process with another part you like until five people are on the right hand side of the stage. Then think of a part of yourself you dislike or hate or reject, see it personified by a famous person or someone you know walking out on the stage. Hear a resounding boo as each of five parts you don’t like walks out to the left side of the stage.  

Now imagine a wise and beautiful person walking to the center of the stage. Just let your wise person appear. Notice whatever strikes you about this person, who then walks off the stage toward you, inviting you up to the stage to review your many parts. Walk around each person who represents a part of you; look each in the face. How does each part help you? Hinder or limit you? Take your time, gaze into all ten faces. What can you learn from each? Think of a current problem you have. See them interacting at a table discussing this problem. Notice what each part says. Does that help you? Hinder you? Would you like to change any part? Modify it until it feels right to you. Repeat that procedure with every part.  

Now, go around again, facing each part and imagining that part melting into you. Do this until you are alone on the stage with your wise person. Hear the wise person tell you "This is the theater of your life. All these parts belong to you. Embrace your selves, love and accept and learn from each." Show your wise person appreciation for the lesson. See your wise person walk away. Know you can call on your wise person any time.  

Walk off the stage. Be aware of yourself sitting in the theater looking at the stage where you play out your life. Let your mind see each of your newly modified parts float by and feel yourself as a whole person with many aspects and interacting parts. Say to yourself “I love and accept all of me.”  

Now imagine standing up and walking out through your theater doors. Turn around and see the number one on the curtains at the stage. Finger paint it and hear it. Then see the number two and do the same, then the number three and feel the life in your fingers and toes, letting this energy come up through your legs. See the number four and feel your whole body coming alive. As you see the numbers five and six, continue becoming fully conscious. See the number seven and be restored to your full, waking consciousness.